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Geometric Shapes Learning Rug - Round

Multi-coloured circles, squares, triangles, rectangles and hexagons surround the perimeter of this r...

Code :CPR406
Barcode : 615833004066
ABC Pencil Learning Rug - Round

Multi-coloured pencils form the border and surround the upper-case alphabet on this rug, aiding in b...

Code :CPR418
Barcode : 615833004189
Available for backorder
Expressions Learning Rug - Round

Get some face-time ! This circular rug captures a vast array of emotions through its colourfully ...

Code :CPR436
Barcode : 615833004363
ABC Rainbow Puzzle Learning Rug - Round

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet puzzle-shaped 'stripes' form a virtual rainbow on this b...

Code :CPR497
Barcode : 615833004970
Colours and Shapes Learning Rug - Small Wedge

Colours and shapes abound in the round! Children will become familiar with their primary colours and...

Code :CPR503
Barcode : 615833005032
Number Squares Learning Rugs (set of 10)

These colourful carpet squares really do make learning numbers fun for children. Arrange them to pla...

Code :CPR527
Barcode : 615833005278
Available for backorder
Rainbow Clock Learning Rug - Round

A fun and colourful way to learn how to tell the time. Featuring all the colours of the spectrum, th...

Code :CPR529
Barcode : 615833005292
Available for backorder
Learning Carpets Drive Around the Park Rug

Learning Carpets Drive Around the Park gives young imaginations a chance to test their driving skill...

Code :LC956
Barcode : 615833009566
Learning Carpets Let's Hop on the Train Rug

Ride the rails over highways, byways and waterways. Be the engineer of your own line and set your si...

Code :LC965
Barcode : 615833009658
Available for backorder
Learning Carpets Countryside Rug

Children will enjoy the experience of life in the countryside with the many barnyard animals: horses...

Code :LC966
Barcode : 615833009665
Learning Carpets Playful Road Rug

Travel here, there everywhere via the playful roadway. Wind your way through the rotary and 1-2 way ...

Code :LC967
Barcode : 615833009672
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